Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is Your Present Today?

Remembering my grandmother, she was a fireball.  I loved her passion.  If she felt it, she meant it and my grandfather loved her for it.  It's fitting her favorite color was red and so would be mine.  Red can mean so many emotions. It could mean love, it could mean madness, it could mean passion. 

It's easy in this world to become complacent; to not do something that would go against the grain; to kick the can down the road.  I am not that person and I will never be that person.  I could live in this environment for the rest of my life and I will never accept that position.  I guess they call that leadership or rebellion; I haven't decided.  Somethings' just don't sit right and no matter how many times it's presented to you in many different packages, it doesn't change the fact that it's just crap in a box.  You can't change the contents no matter how it's presented.  Crap is crap.

I guess that is my ability in this life.  To see things for what they really are.  I am good at reading between the lines, at seeing what others may not see and at coming to the conclusion that it's plain as day in my eyes. Bows, wrapping paper, it doesn't matter.  That is my present.  What matters to me are the contents, so I pray that when you open your gift, you are aware of what your present means to you.

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