Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How to Go From Writing Articles to Books

Writing articles can take minutes or hours. Writing a book or guide can take several days, weeks or even months. There are plenty of great experiences out there that deserve to be shared with others, but how do you even start? Here are some tips for writing a book:
  • Break it into pieces. Start with an outline of the major topic and break it into small sections. Keep breaking the smaller sections into writeable areas.
  • Do not try and write the book in a day. Set realistic goals that align with your allowable time to focus.
  • Find out what kind of writer you are. Some spend a little bit of time writing while others work better when they can dedicate several hours to allow the flow of thought.
  • Focus on what type of book you want to write. Is it a self help guide? Is it a fiction novel? Is it an autobiography? Make sure that you understand what you want to write and stay focused on that theme.
  • If it is nonfiction or self help, add personal experiences to your book or guide. It adds personality and others can relate better if it’s real rather than researched.
  • Save the preface, introductory remarks and concluding paragraphs for last. It makes it easier to think of these areas once you have the content established.
  • Do not stop. It’s easy to get caught up in other things, but learn to finish a project once you start it. If you feel burdened or frustrated take a break, but go back to it.
Happy Publishing.


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