Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to be Positive When it Seems Bad

Lately, it seems that there is negativity in the news, negativity in the economy and negativity in the work environment. I turn on the T.V. or open a website and unemployment is up, people losing homes are at an astronomical rate and the stock market is down. When things are bad, it has a domino effect. It has a tendency to be discouraging, but this is the time when true leadership is needed and is demonstrated.
  • Believe that it is temporary. Be the person showing the beacon of hope to those who are going down the path in the dark. It will not always be bad and people need to understand that things will get better and that it is a temporary situation.
  • Take time out to have fun. When stress levels are at an all time high, blow off steam. Treat yourself or the team you manage to a movie, a lunch or a few minutes away from the work setting. People will feel relieved and will be more productive in the end.
  • Surround yourself with positivity. It’s like osmosis. You become or are, at least, influenced by what you surround yourself with. For some it’s the mission statement, for others it is a beach setting in the Caribbean or their family. Put up pictures and reminders of whatever makes you feel like you can make it through the day. Reflect on those pictures when you are challenged to be positive.
  • Start the day off with a positive mission statement. Take it day by day. I sometimes set a small goal: Today I will be productive and complete this said effort XX. Something else that’s motivating is to sign up for a daily inspirational website that can jump start your day.
  • Challenge yourself to think positive when it seems difficult. Anyone who has competed in a sporting event knows that you can be physically tested, stretched and sore. This can happen mentally as well. Apply your determination in sports to your mental state. The key is never to give up. It is true that the harder you work for it, the sweeter the rewards.

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