Sunday, August 22, 2010

Carving the Path

Often times I observe others afraid to take risks. Afraid to go against the grain. Afraid to take a chance. My advice: Do it. Take the chance. Take the risk. I have a story that I feel defines my personality.
My husband and I were car shopping several years ago. I found a red brand new mustang that I absolutely wanted. The problem: It was standard. I had never learned to drive standard. Needless to say, I bought the car anyway. I didn't even know how to drive it home. My husband had to. So why did I use this to define my personality? Because even though I didn't know how to drive the car, I knew, I'd learn how to. What better motivation, but to take it home. I had no other alternative. If I didn't learn how to drive the car, I couldn't go to work. The pressure was enormous. Sink or swim.
I take this same approach in my career. I'm a young, successful person and am often asked "Aren't you afraid?" Of course, it's scary. I'm not superhuman. But I don't let fear interrupt my progress. I let it challenge me. Being out of your comfort zone is not easy. Just the opposite: It's quite difficult. But the lessons you learn are carried with you while you carve your own path.

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