Sunday, November 22, 2009

Climbing the Ladder

Getting promoted is competitive and can separate you from the herd. I can remember when I was starting out in an assistant position; I had many friends. As I started to work my way up, I started to feel disconnected from some of those friends. Not intentionally, but because some of those people started to separate themselves and in turn, I felt isolated. Sounds pretty bad, but this can happen. The key is not to let this bring you down. Here are some things I’ve learned that has helped me climb the ladder.
  • Never, ever let a situation or person cause you to become negative. Positive thinking is absolutely critical among great leaders, no matter the situation. There will come a time where you are alone in your approach and others are seeking guidance and leadership. Your attitude will define you in these situations. Always, and I mean always, be positive in your attitude and approach to these situations.
  • Acknowledge the hurdle. You can be positive, but you also must be realistic in your thinking. Situations will be tough and require you to be on the same wave length with your team. To do so, you must acknowledge that it may not be easy to overcome, but it will be overcome.
  • Have a Champion Mentality. What do I mean by this? People may feel like they are running a race. It is up to you to help them celebrate small successes along the way. Anyone who has run a mile knows that you think about the quarters. There are four quarters in a mile. Celebrate the quarter, even though you have a mile to run.
  • Position Yourself. This may be through training or through education. I read biographies of positions I envisioned myself in one day. I reviewed what those people did to get into those positions; their training, their education, their work experience. Do what it takes to make your resume look like theirs.
  • Take risks. This may be hard for those who have attachments. Take risks whenever possible. It is difficult for people to be outside of their comfort zone. Many cannot and choose to not do this. Being outside of your comfort zone will help you be well-rounded. Taking risks shows that you are willing to do what it takes to be successful.

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