Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Valuing Diversity

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities. ~ Stephen Covey

Often times I have come across people that cannot comprehend why people might view or do or even see things differently. If they do not fit into the box that they can comprehend; they must be doing something wrong or indifferent or have something left to learn. How often are people really appreciative of diversity? We speak it, we train about it, we are well aware it exists, but how many people really understand and value it?

Being confident in your beliefs, in your values and your morale compass means that you value the fact that other people might have different view points or beliefs. That you accept others because they are unique and have something to offer. That even though there are differences, there are a common set of goals.

Valuing people on all levels means you understand that people are unique and have something valuable to offer. The key may be finding what that is or guiding people to discover it for themselves or discovering that you might be learning from someone else.

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