Thursday, May 13, 2010

Work/Life Balance

For years my life revolved around work and school. My routine started with breakfast, work, lunch, dinner, (meals are important) a drive to school, a drive home and bed time. Weekends were breakfast, homework, more homework, an hour or two of free time...did I mention homework? Fast forward to eight years of doing this and the routine changed, but not much. Breakfast, work, lunch, dinner, work. Weekends were breakfast, work, more work, an hour or two of free time...did I get the picture.
Yes, that is what happened. Homework prepared me for more work. After a few years of doing this, I've decided to change things a bit. Now it's breakfast, work, lunch, dinner, well whatever happens next. Weekends... breakfast followed by well, whatever happens next. No more spending free time doing work. Free time is meant to be....well you get the picture.

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