Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Does Leadership Mean?

Recently, a team building consultant asked a group of people, "Who here likes to be managed?" Nobody raised their hand. "When asked, who likes to be led?" This seemed a little more acceptable. Truth is, people need to be inspired. People need to be motivated. People need to be trusted and people need to be led. This is not to devalue a manager or supervisor role, but to reach deep into what motivates people, what inspires people and what helps them to become great at what they do. It's not the role of a leader to micromanage this process. It's the role of the leader to provide the pathway and up to the team member if they choose to go down the path. Ask any leader, "What inspires a leader?". The good ones might say by inspiring others, they then become inspired. It's a relationship. It's a common purpose. That people become the best at what they do and develop into the leaders one would hope they become.

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